The Monday food Co. Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie Keto Brownie Mix
low carb the monday food co. chocolate hazelnut brownie mix
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The Monday Food Co. Chocolate Hazelnut Keto Brownie Mix

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Low Carb, Low Sugar, Diabetic Friendly, Natural Ingredients, Organic, Sugar Controlled Diet

DenDense sweet, melt in your mouth Dense, sweet, melt in your mouth goodness of a delicious hazelnut brownie. Following a low carb diet & low sugar lifestyle or trying to move those extra kilo's but don't want to give up your sweet treat? The Monday Food Co. Chocolate Hazelnut Keto Brownie Mix is the perfect treat for you. it only has 3.2g Sugar and 4.6g Carbs per serving.

Super easy to make even for those of us who are not so comfortable in the kitchen. All you need is 3 eggs, 3/4 cup of coconut oil and you have yourself a deliciously nourishing and yummy brownie to eat without the guilt.

Want more chocolate? Why not try it with extra chocolate chips from PBCo. 98% Sugar Free Chocolate Chips 

Diabetic diet, please check the nutrition panel and decide if this product is right for you. Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

Quality Ingredients

Birch Xylitol (GMO free),blanched almond flour, Organic Cacao (16%),Chocolate Chips (10%)Hazelnuts* (10%), Organic Coconut Flour, Organic Himalayan Salt, Bicarb Soda


May contain traces of: peanuts, other tree nuts, eggs, dairy, soy, milk, grains, sesame seens, gluten, cinnamon


 Bich Xylitol whenconsumed in large amounts may have a laxative effect.


Map of Australia Made in Sunny Queensland, Australia